Trapping season

Trapping fur animals has been very popular in Russia for centuries; sable, ermine, squirrel, mink, otter, wolverine, lynx, red fox, polar wolf, and hare. All these animals are trapped in our areas.

Our professional guides trap from November until February. The use traps, and rifles of various calibers. In November they will use dogs (Husky), which follow the animals, chase them up to tree and keep them there waiting for hunter to come. At times you will meet bears preparing for winter hibernation, its fur will be thick and in excellent condition. Also, trappers meet moose, ducks and capercaillie.

Later, when the snow is deep, our trappers use wide skis to traverse the countryside. If you decide to join one of our trappers, you will be accommodated in a warm trapper’s cabin, relax in Russian sauna and eat Russian home cooked meals. You will bring home trophies to decorate your collection. This is a cultural and wilderness experience like no other found on the planet.