Observation tours

      From July 15 until August 15 we arrange observation tours on the 2-Yurt Lake and nearby River area. Spawning slamon attract a lot of animals and birds. You can observe fishing bears on the spawning grounds, spawning of the red salmon; Steller’s Sea Eagle which nests along the river banks and lake. You may also meet some smaller animals, such as mink, red fox, otter and hare. Two motor boats are used to observe the lake; you can easily reach the lake on foot (2 km). We also have wonderful blinds which make for stable and safe platforms from which you can photograph the wonderfull bears of Kamchatka.

      The camp is located in one of the most picturesque valleys of Kamchatka, formed as a result of glaccier slipping down from the Central mountain range. 2-Yert Lake is 6300 m in length and 2800 m width; it is 322 m above sea level and its three sides are framed by the rocky beautiful precipitous buttes. 250 meters fro the camp there are hot mineral springs (temperature is 58 – 78 degrees C, 135-170 degrees F) with a small natural pool for bathing. Further to the west, in the valley, there are two more groups of hot springs.

      Accomodation is in cabbins with 2-3 person capacity, not least comfortable tents available as well.

      Guides, interpereters, and your cook will make your visit most comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. The schedule of your tour will be arranged according to your wishes and desires.

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