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Spring bear hunting (April 25th - May 25th)

The spring season is from April 25 - May 25. At this time there is usually snow; and you will easily see the tracks of many trophy bears. The hunting is based on a 1 x 1 guide to client ratio which allows for an intimate and intense experience. You and your guide will glass for active bears in the morning and evening. During the day the animals lie in the sun on rocks and snow-free areas. The first week, after the bears come out of the den, they are less active and stay near their den; often returning into it for a rest.

Transportation to your hunting area is by snow mobile. Once you have arrived at your hunting area you will hunt on foot, skis or snowshoes. When a bear is found and its size determined, you and your guide will plan the stalk. Usually, our hunters and guide, in white camouflage, stalk your bear closing to a distance of a fair shot 200-300 yards. We recommend 300-375 caliber rifles.

After shooting your trophy, your guide will prepare the necessary research and protocol paper work. He will also take measurements, and plenty of photos of you with your trophy. Our guides are experts and will gladly skin and flesh your trophy. After returning to camp he will prepare your bear for transportation.

The success of your hunt will depend not only on our professional guide's, but also your physical condition, hunting experience, patience and shooting skills. For the past 7 years Utgard can boast a 100% success rate during the spring season. Each and every one of our guests has taken a trophy of a lifetime. Many of them have been entered into the SCI record book.

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